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Community Pledge

Community Pledge
Triad is your financial services partner for consumers and businesses.

Triad gives individuals and small-to-medium size business owners’ confidence by being your first source for solutions.

Our advantages to business account holders are our personal touches. Small businesses drive local job growth and local investment. You also need a variety of options to survive and thrive. Your size and unique situations make it harder for big banks to focus on you specifically and offer you the kind of products and consulting you need. Triad sees this as the ultimate opportunity to build strong relationships, provide diverse expertise and services, and invest in the communities we serve.

Our bankers are business people who immerse themselves in the specifics and details of small businesses and want to be your go-to source for your banking needs. We are consistently advising and problem solving for you. We keep up to date on the latest trends and options to help you make the right financial decisions. Our expert advice is easily obtainable. We never give you sales pitches or pressure your decision making. We jump straight into your challenges and opportunities and you’ll quickly see what difference our approach makes.

Triad goes above and beyond

When you decide to open an account with Triad, our dedicated support team is designed to move your business forward with simple to use and intuitive financial tools and services. We build strong personal relationships with our clients and provide sound advice you can rely on. We get to know your specific needs and future goals so we can offer you the best solutions for you to manage your finances easily.

We have experience navigating volatility across all financial markets, and the discipline and instinct to help you take action. The diversity of our portfolio makes us an expert resource for all of your financial needs. It means we have the knowledge and flexibility to solve your financial challenges.

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We offer perspectives on a range of topics from how to establish a long-term financial plan to avoiding cash flow inaccuracies. We make managing your finances easy and personal with a human connection and convenient technology. Our advisors look at the long term and continue to do well during recessions by staying steady and strong. Other financial services providers can’t compete with the combined strength of our size and assets.